Heart Centered

Heart Centered

The first dimension is inspired by the connection with the heart chakra and how we can access our highest self and other realities through this energetic center. 

The story unfolds around parallel realities of a young woman who sees the world through her heart.

In one reality she’s fierce and ancient and has an affinity with the arts and movement, she prefers to be alone most of the time with more subtle energies. She’s psychic and darkness is no stranger to her; however, her smile is a beam of light to anyone who witnesses and her steps are light while she walks barefoot to the unknown.

In other reality she’s sassy and her cuteness can convince even the most stubborn one out there, she might seem innocent but beware of her eyes, can put you in trance in no time. She knows what she wants and she gets it, she seduces you with her charm without even trying… unintentionally. She’s from a modern world but her soul craves a better world. City girl but prefers nature.



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