90's Queen

Those everlasting summer vacations when our cousins arrived from abroad and everyday was a new opportunity to take them to our fave spots and show them around and like an exchange of cultures they shared with us their fave music, sense of fashion, video games and little by little we started to create our essence, Spanglish became our lenguaje, then we discovered the internet and somehow we became global, with no boundaries, a deeper understanding of "oneness"... we are the 90's kids, born in the era of information and raised in between millennials, we're indigos, free and wild.

90's Queen was inspired by these memories and now we want to share them with you... Enjoy

Alejandro Corredor
Aletxa Mueses
Lissa De La Rosa
Carolina Matias
Yeleine Peña
Villa Loma Bonita
Las Terrenas, The Dominican Republic
Special Thanks
Victor Matías
Mariana Matías
Felipe Rich


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