Sirena Capsule

Sirena Capsule

There’s something so magical about living on the island, to eat fresh mangos directly from the source, to witness the vibrant flowers from the Flamboyán trees or the turquoise water from the Sea, feeling like mermaids when we spend hours in it, connected and protected by nature.

The Sirena capsule is a co~creation with Dominican artist NIKÓLA, inspired by this very same essence and the pure and sincere chemistry we share as friends, choosing to merge our artistic worlds (music and fashion) to create pieces that hug our bodies and that can be worn multiple ways, adapting to how we feel each day, carefully designed to enhance each one’s individual beauty and promote confidence through its cuts and custom fit.

It took us many moons to deliver this vision, hope you can feel free, comfortable but most of all like the wonderful magical creature you are with any piece you get to wear from this collaboration 🧜🏽‍♀️

Con Amor,

NIKÓLA x Freedom

Leslie Soto
Nikola Santiago
Viviana Rufino
 Mario Sosa
 David Matías
Camera Assistant
Pedro Pablo Melo
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Special Thanks
Aqua Soul Stays
Eviel Taveras

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