~Organic Flow~ BTS pt.2

~Organic Flow~ BTS pt.2

As our first unisex collection, is just meant to be that we both joined forces to birth this offering… we always have but this time was different. Before, each one had a role to play separately but in this one we both worked hand in hand all the way through the creative process on every single task, we did everything together like we were one single entity. 

This is David’s first time designing and also modeling… sharing the same exact experience for the first time ever as creatives somehow created a disruption in the matrix and we accessed another level of creativity were miracles and super random yet perfect scenarios started to manifest without even trying. 

For example, the day of the shoot we had a budget of $100 to cover all the meals, that’s all we had in our pockets, yikes. We thought that was enough but most of it was gone with breakfast… we had 2 more meals to cover and about $20 left. Not much thought was put into it since we were both busy getting ready to get in front of a camera. 

When it was time for the next meal we both met in the bathroom to discuss what options we had… none apparently, asking the photographer to lend us money was definitely not happening, lol… but we were considering that as the last resource, he’s a friend but I mean, we have to pay him not the other way around. We looked at each other in the eyes, as if we were going to find an answer there. I said “let’s just flow, we have 2 more looks left to shoot, we must go on” to what David replied “what has to be will be”. 

In that very moment, after speaking those words, instantly something shifted in us and voilá! We hear Shopify’s ringtone, looked at each other, grabbed the phone and see a notification: New Order! 

And just like that the day was saved, whoever placed that order THANK YOU! you literally made this possible <3 that’s the beauty of shopping small, you simply make life better for everyone. 

-Vivi (Founder and CVO)

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