Winners FedEx Small Business Grant 2023

Winners FedEx Small Business Grant 2023

With so much joy and gratitude in our hearts we are pleased to inform y’all
WE WON! 🥂🥳🇩🇴
We are the official winners of FedEx’s Small Business Grant in their third edition held in our motherland The Dominican Republic. We are still assimilating this new chapter. Transitioning to a more sustainable brand hasn’t been easy at all but even in the darkest moments we’ve found the strength and faith to keep pushing through. We know it is posible to dress humanity in a more ethical and fair way. We are here for it and little by little it’s happening.

The US$25,000 grant prize will help us continue the construction of Sol Luna Atelier (our creative sanctuary) to finally open it to the public for visits, shopping, workshops, community and more, so customers can participate in and witness our creative process. An experience designed to positively impact the individual as a whole beyond the final product, where they’ll also get to know and share with the founders & creators therefor understanding better what they choose to support and why... we believe this is the way forward as a collective.

This award is a sign that we are doing something right, since it’s the second time Freedom Ecowear wins 1st place in seed capital in a contest for entrepreneurs, the first time being in 2021 by the Impúlsate Popular (a local bank). Almost 3 years later here we are once again but this time we are being recognized by a global entity and as a result we got our very first full page article in the national newspaper HOY describing very accurately our message, vision and mission as a brand, as a duo and as individuals, read here >

We are very happy to start working hand in hand with FedEx to deliver your goodies super fast at the best price no matter where you are in the world.

Let’s keep supporting sustainable fashion so we can co~create better conditions to transform the fashion industry into a more gentle, cleaner and lighter one. Cheers!🥂
PS: there’s another announcement to make, we’ve been chosen as 1 of 20 sustainable brands to be accelerated by an innovative company in sustainability but that’s another story for next time ;) to be continued…
For more info check FedEx (click for more) >

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